Hazel Da Breo | Approach
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My Methodology

My approach to the practice encompasses a broad conceptual or theoretical framework.


My approach to the practice encompasses a broad conceptual or theoretical framework.


A Human-Rights based approach is the bedrock of all of my engagements with clients, and people in general.  It protects the promise that all individuals and groups will be treated equally, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, or sexual orientation. The feminist perspective, as a part of the larger human rights discourse, promises that I privilege the individual and their unique issues and dreams over the confines of any particular culture or ideology, but that we also work towards healthy, functioning relationships with others, understanding the interdependence of selves with each other, and with nature.


While taking from my psychotherapy “tool kit” the techniques and approaches which seem appropriate to each individual client’s specific needs, I tend to operate from an Attachment Theory perspective (which tackles relationship difficulties of all kinds); from a Psychotraumatology viewpoint (speaking to severe posttraumatic stress), and also incorporating Narrative Therapy (which is a very gentle process of paying attention to the neural changes which happen in the brain during skillful psychotherapy, or the application of neuropsychotherapy to narrative therapy as a very effective therapeutic tool.)


While focused on psychodynamic elements (uncovering the subconscious or inner mind), I eventually, invariably, reference a full sense of belonging to life,

via attention to nutrition, physical well-being, social engagement, and care for the environment and others.


My life-long love for nature and gardening, and my recent focus on ocean kayaking, have additionally led me to incorporate the social-ecological resilience theory, and positive psychology approach, to my psychotherapy practice.


The small organic grocery store that I operate on behalf of my family; The Market Place, Port Louis Marina, Grenada – provides yet another opportunity to give service. Many of our frequent customers suffer from food allergies, mood disorders, and other more challenging conditions. They rely upon our conscientious sourcing of the healthiest natural foods, sourced from Grenada and the Caribbean, and around the world. To keep a nice balance, The Market Place also houses a very respectable ‘library’ of wines, rum and other delectables. Customers coming in tell us that they don’t like to leave. In my opinion, the therapeutic space takes on many guises and gathering around good, nutritious food and drink is one.

Please check our facebook page at The Market Place Grenada.


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